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YHGfL is a non-profit-sharing company, owned by a consortium of local authorities and funded through the provision of services to local authorities, schools and teachers and learners in Yorkshire and Humber.

Our services support collaborative working, including, for example, regional connectivity, ISP and web2.0 services, aggregating demand across the region and enabling the sharing of expertise and experience.

Our vision is to build and support communities of schools, using and promoting collaboration with and through ICT as a means of improving effective teaching and learning

ICT4C update

We’re pleased to announce that the ICT4C website is up and running at www.ict4c.co.uk. The website will become the portal to access all of our school-focused services and resources which have come to be valued by so many schools in the region.

We already provide learning and esafeguarding services (as well as connectivity) to hundreds of schools in the region and recently we have started to provide technology support to more than 100 schools. Over the coming year, we will be adding to our existing range of services and resources to the ICT4C portfolio, to provide wider support for teaching and learning and for the use of technology within schools. You can join the growing community by signing up to one of our services.

What's new at ICT4C?

Barefoot computing

The Barefoot Computing project is about helping primary school teachers get ready for the computer science element of the new computing curriculum. The project is funded by the Department for Education and is developing high-quality, practical cross-curricular computer science resources and workshops to support primary school teachers in England.

eSafeguarding update Autumn 2014

As the new academic year gets underway we felt it would be useful to provide you with an update on eSafeguarding, including things you may have missed at the end of the summer term.

Email phishing

Recently a number of schools have experienced phishing email scams and have contacted ICT4C for advice on how to combat the threat of online fraud. To support our member schools our eSecurity Manger has put together advice and guidance on what to look for. Written in plain English it is an easy read for every member of staff in school.



YHGfL has set up a trading arm called ICT4Collaboration which will be providing schools around the region (and beyond!) with some really exciting opportunities. Although it is a commercial company, it is wholly owned by YHGfL which, as you're probably aware, is itself wholly owned by local authorities in the region and is non-profit-sharing.

As the name of the new company suggests, the focus of ICT4C will be to connect and support teachers and learners in a range of communities around the region - be they federations, local authorities or academies. It will be providing a range of resources, tools and services all designed to support, foster and develop collaboration.


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