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Unbelievable prices on used Dell servers

As a knock-on effect of our recent migration to virtual servers, we now have quite a few Dell machines that are surplus to our requirements.

We have both 1U and 2U servers, mainly Dell PowerEdge 1850 and 2850 as well as 1950 and 2950 models that are available at very low prices.

They have varying specifications which you can see in the YHGfL server stock list which you can download from the Resources panel on the right. It is worth noting that this list contains the original specifications and some of these machines have been upgraded, so you may get more for your money.

**** The servers are going out of stock rapidly - see the latest stock list ****

The Dell PowerEdge 2950s are available at £200 and the 1950s at £150. The 2850s at £150 and the 1850s at £100. Other listed kit will be priced on request and additional discounts for bulk orders will be applied.

We also have a limited quantity of Cisco kit, routers and switches amongst other bits. If you’re interested in anything Cisco, please call 01724 275016 or email support@yhgfl.net.