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YHGfL’s approach to eSafeguarding combines eSafety and eSecurity so that the two areas can compliment and enhance the use of ICT within the curriculum across the region.


Rapidly developing information and communication technologies (ICT) are exciting and motivating learning tools through which learning and teaching can be greatly enhanced.

In today’s world all users want and expect the ability to access information, communicate and execute transactions immediately with the assurance of real world security. YHGfL eSafeguarding encompasses and promotes ICT best practice around the use of ICT within schools and the supporting technologies to carry out these actions in a safe manner.

YHGfL provides ...

At YHGfL, we can offer support, guidance and information and we also run events about eSafeguarding. Our support focuses on practical tips and tools that can be implemented in your classroom and can be passed on to parents, school governors and students. Schools are expected to constantly monitor and evaluate their safety provision and Ofsted is increasingly looking to see that this is being done. Schools need to be able to demonstrate that they have, or are working towards and promoting an eSafe culture.

Resources, training aids and interactive tools are available now and coming online all the time from the YHGfL eSafeguarding website to assist schools in their individual journeys. We are also preparing some case studies for schools to follow and learn from. New content is currently being developed and will be available soon.

eSafeguarding audit tool

Our online audit tool has been developed to offer a simple way to assess your eSafeguarding.

The tool covers all aspects of eSafeguarding: from roles and responsibilities within your school to password procedures and rules about taking equipment off-site.

After you have answered the questions, you will get a summary of relevant guidance and action that needs to be taken.

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eSafeguarding MOT

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Visit our eSafeguarding blog to get the latest information and comment about eSafeguarding issues for schools.


eSafeguarding MOT test