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Infrastructure and technology

Schools should have in place effective technology infrastructure such as firewalls, anti-virus software, filtering of websites and applications and network monitoring. Some of these will be provided at a school-level, others will be provided at a local authority or YHGfL/ISP level.

Filtering of websites, applications and services

Schools will have filtered Internet access, which means users cannot access all the websites, applications and services they can do from an unfiltered home Internet connection. Although this is an important tool in maintaining an eSafe culture within your school, it can sometimes cause frustration for staff and pupils who don't understand why the filtering is in place and how it protects them.

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For teachers interested in learning more about the infrastructure and technology used in schools, how the infrastructure and technology can help keep users safe, and how young people are using technology you may find the following links useful:


DCSF 'Beyond the eSafety Net' online resource

(please note you will need to create a free account to access this resource, alternatively you can order a paper copy here )


TeachToday provides information and advice for teachers about the positive, responsible and safe use of new technologies. It includes useful guides to the different technologies that pupils use, and lots of quick video clips.